Enable and protect creative process 


SENDERGRAM is a file presentation, discussion, delivery, and payment platform built for all creative types. Sendergram streamlines creative process, certifies creative work, and aggregates common cloud storage services.

Storage: Aggregate cloud storage accounts

Channels: Send, present, track, discuss, payment, deliver

Tracking: Audit logs with file tracking, email alerts

Companies: Branded. Advanced admin tools

Video: Build presentations, showreels, playlists

Payment: Payment before file download

Blockchain:  Record of creation, attribution, provenance

Blockchain process: Certified audit trail of creative process

  • Free

  • $0/mo
    • Smart Ad supported
    • 5 free Sendergrams daily
    • Set, expiry date, password protect
    • 5 free Blockchain receipts
    • Connect personal storage 
    • Audit logs with file tracking
    • Email notifications 
    • Data deleted after 14 days

  • Freelancer

  • $7.95/mo
    • User / month
    • Yearly 15% discount
    • Connect personal storage 
    • Unlimited Sendergrams
    • Set, expiry date, password protect
    • Unlimited Blockchain registrations
    • Audit logs with file tracking 
    • Email notifications
    • Payments

  • Company

  • $39.75/mo
    • User / month, starting at 5 users
    • Yearly 15% discount
    • Company branded landing pages
    • Company branded header
    • Connect shared company & personal storage services
    • Unlimited blockchain registrations
    • Unlimited Sendergrams
    • Set expiry date, password protect
    • Advanced admin controls
    • Audit logs with file tracking
    • Email notifications
    • Payments

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship


Sendergram leverages the blockchain to establish with verifiable proof, the existence, integrity, and authorship of any file, document, or communication and to track and authenticate each stage of creative process. Sendergram’s use of the blockchain helps to create trust between parties, reduce misunderstandings and disputes.

Blockchain it

Blockchain registered, certified and verified communication


Proof of the integrity of any data, file or creative work
Proof a file, creative work, discussion or idea occurred at a certain point in time
Proof a document or communication hasn’t been tampered with
Proof of exactly what each recipient received, opened view, discussed, downloaded
Proof of entire communication, transaction agreements between parties